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Starmark Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Dealer in Phoenix and Maricopa County.

When it comes to door styles and master craftmanship, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the Starmark Inset Door styles in over 1500 colors and finishes. Starmark is a master of color matching, see a color, Starmark will present a spectral match with the accuracy with a true spectrophotometer color match that is not detectable by the naked eye. Call 480-378-0178 to schedule your free custom remodeling design with Starmark kitchen and bathroom cabinetry

Save 30% on Inset Door Styles and up to 30% off our  Specialty Colors, Stains & Glazes and our Distress Package upcharges!

Kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix StarMark Cabinets Sale

Introducing Starmark Cabinetry, Affordable Quality Cabinetry

Kitchen AZ Cabinets and More is a Licensed General Contractor, ROC 274600, in Phoenix Arizona, and we are an Authorized Starmark Cabinets Dealer that specializes in Custom and Semi-Custom Home Remodeling.  We Are Design And Build Specialist In All Types Of Cabinetry.


With Starmark Cabinetry You Can Afford Custom Cabinetry!

We selected StarMark Cabinetry, because we know a cabinet isn’t just punched out of wood and then stored on a warehouse shelf until we order it.  Starmark makes each cabinet by hand, one at a time, to our exact design specifications.

If  you are wondering if you can afford cabinetry that you see in our portfolio of custom kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, work rooms and entertainment centers, and many popular magazines and design centers? You can! When you compare our quote for StarMark Cabinetry to a quote from a any other home center, remember:

  • All American Warranty, Don't Expect Less; all cabinetry purchased is warranted to be free of finish defects for as long as they are owned by you, the original purchaser.

  • Your StarMark Cabinetry will last your lifetime. It won’t need to be replaced after ten years.
  • Your installation bill will be quicker with StarMark Cabinetry. Their custom cabinetry arrives assembled and ready for our professional installers to create your dream makeover in 1 - 2 days of delivery, thus saving precious dollars on installation while giving you unparalleled fit and finish.
  • StarMark Cabinetry is built in 1/16 inch increments, so you can use every inch of space in the room.

Made in America by craftsmen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • The heartland is the center of the nation, so most destinations are close, relatively speaking. We deliver cabinetry to Maine just as easily as we deliver to California.
  • Our central location also makes it convenient to receive the quality raw materials we source from American vendors.

We're excited about Starmark Cabinetry and their "Inset Door Style Cabinetry", one of their many beautiful all wood cabinets. Click the link below and take a look at their online "Inset Door Style Cabinetry" brochure to see the many styles, colors and finishes available for your dream makeover for any room or configuration.

Start With A Free Starmark Cabinetry Design In The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Call 480-378-0178 or schedule a visit us at our new showroom opening in Chandler now at 393 W. Warner Rd Suite 112 Chandler, AZ. 85225