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Your Phoenix Area Natural Stone Remodeling Contractor

From the Authentic Durango Stone Quarry to your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel, There is nothing more beautiful than natural stone to preserve, protect and beautify your home.  Email or call us at 602-357-0739 to schedule your complimentary Natural Stone design Consultation

  Authorized Arizona Dealers of Authentic Durango Stone™ Marble Limestone Travertine Tile

Natural stones have been used by architects throughout human history, as indispensable elements of their glorious creations. The simple, yet elegant finish provided by marble limestone and travertine was the distinguishing element which separated the works of art from regular buildings.

With Authentic Durango Stone™ our mission is to provide lasting satisfaction by providing you the high quality craftsmanship that many civilizations enjoyed in the peak of their history.

World Wide Stone Corporation™ is the world's preeminent producer of the best quality, natural, dimensional, marble limestone and travertine products fabricated to the world's highest standards.

Products are volume-fabricated from surgically quarried blocks. No explosives are ever used! They are trucked to our factories to be cut into slabs, billets, strips and cubic shapes, which are further cut, shaped and finished into standard and custom to-your-specification dimensions for applications in both interior and exterior designs - residentially and commercially. Kitchen AZ Cabinets is an Authorized  Dealer for Authentic Durango Stone™ in Phoenix Arizona Visit their showroom: 7946 East McClain Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85260 and tell them you're from Kitchen AZ Cabinets, You'll Love The Displays!

As one of the top rated Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractors in the Phoenix Metro Area , we are proud to offer the highest quality of Marble Limestone Travertine Tile and Natural Stone as an Authorized Authentic Durango Stone™ Dealer 


We all have choices when it comes to selecting products and services, and when it comes to Natural Stone, there is a world of difference in quality standards.  We only offer Authentic Durango Stone™ for all of our Marble Limestone Travertine and Natural Stone Tile flooring, Backsplashes, Countertops, Vanities, Tubs and Showers.  Our decision to become a Authentic Durango Stone™ Manufacturer Direct Dealer was based on their level of quality standards in the mining and finishing of true Marble Limestone Travertine versus the common limestone travertine without the high density value of true Marble and the poor finish quality.


Authentic Durango Marble Limestone Quality, From The Quarry To Your Home

  • The Durango Quarries produce the hardest, densest marble limestone ever discovered in the history of the world.
  • Durango Stone surgically extracts the raw material blocks from their own quarries, and never use explosives because they create fractures.
  • Properly dimensioned-perfect square corners.
  • Our Tiles and Slabs are triple-honed and resin-filled four times.
  • 10,000 pounds of honing pressure densifies our marble limestone tile and slab surfaces.
  • Consistent architectural colorations range selection

Kitchen AZ Cabinets and More offers Free designs and estimates in the comfort of your own home for custom Authentic Durango Stone™ Marble Limestons travertine tile flooring, planks, slabs, stair treads and risers, Mosaic Meshmounts™ backsplashes and Durango Deco Strip™ Decorative tiles , countertops, vanities, showers and tubs.

Authentic Durango Stone™ Advantage, Truly The Best Quality Marble Limestone Travertine Tile In The World


AuthenticDurango Stone™ is available in many colors and finishes, displayed below are a few of the Marble Limestone Travertine Tiles.

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Phoenix Marble Limestone Travertine Tile

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