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For Our Phoenix Arizona Home Owners, How To Plan Your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling.

Take a few moments to review our remodeling plan to assist you in your kitchen or bathroom remodel, need some help, just email us or call 602-357-0739 to speak with one of our professional designers today, or to schedule your free custom design consultation today in the comfort of your own home or at our showroom at 4915 W Bell Rd Suite F102 Glendale, AZ. 85308

Kitchen AZ Cabinets Guide To Plan Your Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Whether you’re a current homeowner, investor or looking to become either one, don’t let it become an overwhelming project choosing designs and colors to suit your needs, taste and lifestyle.  Read our guide below to help you gain the confidence in making an informed decision.  

My Kitchen and Bath Style - What is my/our style? 

Modern - Modern designs include sleek, straight and clean lines. Less is more; such as less accessories, hidden appliances, and minimal details. Common materials include stainless steel, marble, granite, and frosted glass. Basic geometric shapes and bold, bright colors such as reds, blues and yellows or black and white are prevalent.  **Kitchen AZ Cabinets offers over 1500 unique colors, and we’ll match any Paint Manufacturers colors and sheens in the most eco-friendly and durable paints, stains and coatings.

Traditional - Plays up architectural details such as crown moldings, raised wood paneling and rich, deep colors to enhance the mood and traditional feel. Dark stains, honey tones, semi-opaque paints, wicker baskets, and oak cabinets add to this usually more formal feel. **Kitchen AZ Cabinets offers the largest selection of semi and full custom cabinetry, and our professional designers can blend in any color or finish wood for the most dramatic, or subtle, accents, trim and accessories.

Country - Rustic - weathered looks create a warm, cozy feeling in a country style home. Common colors range from muted hues to earth tones. Exposed beams, bead board paneling, brick and barn boards are elements used to express this style. Fabrics and patterns are a sure way to create a country feeling, as is the use of wallpaper and baskets.  **Kitchen AZ Cabinets offers Four major brand name Cabinet lines, each with their own unique Country and Rustic door styles and finishes.

Eclectic - A mix of old and new features combine for a harmonious look. This style is not characterized by particular color palettes, patterns, styles, or material; it’s typically a mix of extravagant decorations from different eras, including a colorful painted patina with a distressed finish and recyclables. Kitchens and bathrooms may include modern appliances paired with antique decorations to the complete mix. **Kitchen AZ Cabinets offers the largest selection of quality Home Remodeling Materials. We are Authorized Dealers for every line of product we service, thus no middle man, and what  our designers display is truly what’s available, no “Bait and Switch” here, just the best array to select from in the comfort of your own home.

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